WELCOME to Global Young Scholars Research Program.

At Global Young Scholars, students conduct research in a field of their interest. This once in a lifetime opportunity is unique for high school students who have the passion for ¨love of learning¨ and prove their academic excellence for college admissions. It helps students to discover their interests, their passion, become ready for university and to solidify their career goals.

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Participating faculties are from a variety of universities in Turkey and abroad. Our network is expanding day by day with the increasing demand for research consulting.


Starts with a Family-Student-Moderator meeting to identify student interest and research area.
Moderator identifies the academic supervisor (professor) in two weeks and organize a Student-Supervisor meeting on selected research area.
Student and supervisor share their expectations and create a weekly or biweekly meeting schedule depending on the workload.
Academic Research Timeline is created and submitted by the mentor and research process starts.
Student and supervisor meets at least twice a month until the end of research process.
Professor/Supervisor guide student to apply national/international conferences or journals after finalizing the research paper.
Conducting research steps are: *Identifying Research Title & Creating Timeline *How to Conduct Research *Literature Review *Field Work and/or Methodology *Results *Write-Up *Paper Submission
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