We’re here to connect researchers and students to study on a same hypothesis and conduct academic research.

Our goal is to provide exceptional high school students with challenging and rigorous research opportunities across a wide range of academic fields.

Through Global Young Scholars Program, students not only improve their academic experience and research skills but are also guided, mentored, and inspired by well-known professors in their fields.

GYS students have the unique opportunity to interact with professors in an intimate on-campus learning environment to develop the skills needed to succeed in college.

GYS professors guide students in the study of specialized fields that students have never been exposed to in a formal academic setting.

By the end of the program, students write their own academic paper that showcases the student’s mastery of the subject.


Many research subjects could easily fit into more than one academic discipline. We highly recommend our students to consider a wide range of research areas to discover more about academics and themselves. Research areas are including but not limited to the followings: Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Computer Science. NanoTechnology. NeuroScience, Wearable Technology, Art, Internet of Things, Holography, Media Studies, Political Science, Chemistry, Bioengineering, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, Mathematics, Finance.

Global Young Scholars students learn college-level research methods, academic writing, critical thinking, and academic collaboration.

Students learn graduate-level subjects that students typically do not have the opportunity to be exposed during high school or undergraduate years.

Students write a college-level research paper under supervision of a professor.

Students study on a specific topic of their interest with guidance from a researchers.

Students work on a research project that fits around their academic schedule.

Students obtain a recommendation letter from a professor with elite credentials.

Students get university campus experience which helps them to make a clear decision for their future career and education plans.

Students publish their research paper on an academic journal or a conference in their field.

Those who study on a project based research can apply national/international competitions with their research paper project.

Students may get a research internship letter/or certificate if approved by the university department.